Friday, September 24, 2010

The most delicious waffles ever!!

I haven't actually tried this recipe.  I've just been catching up on the blogs in my Google Reader and I was looking at the Joy the Baker site and found a link to a posting from last year for Brown Sugar Bacon Waffles.  Don't they look like the most delicious waffles ever!!!!  I've just been practically drooling over the photograph!   I tell you, as soon as I finish this diet, this will be one of the first things I treat myself to with some Quebec maple syrup!!!!  YUM!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Another leaf Tshirt

I've finally finished my latest leaf T shirt!!!

I have to say, I really do enjoy knitting when I finish a project and I LOVE the finished object!!!  Isn't the colour beautiful??!!

I'd made this particular pattern once before and really liked the results, so when I was in England in May and desperately wanting to give a task to my idle hands, I logged into Ravelry and downloaded this awesome (and easy) pattern, found some great bamboo yarn at a local shop and away I went!  It was amazing how much I managed to complete in the 3 hour drive up to Lincoln..and returning a few days later!  If you're a member of Ravelry, you can find the pattern here.  The yarn I used is super soft and I will definitely be looking for this brand again.  It is Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo and is 80% bamboo and 20% wool.  It's a very nice blend and feels very silky.

Monday, September 20, 2010

End of summer bbq

So, I got invited over to a friend's place on Saturday for an end of season bbq and I'd offered to bring a few things.  What a perfect opportunity to do some cooking and baking again! Yippee!  I decided bring along three things.

First I made Spicy Chipotle Grilled Chicken from the Bon Appetit site.  This is definitely a recipe I would try again!  I thought it was delicious!  YUM!  The only change I made to the recipe was I used boneless, skinless chicken breasts instead and cubed them for kabobs, adding a few veggies on the skewers too.  The kabobs were very flavourful.  Actually, they turned out slightly spicier than I expected, but I didn't hear anyone complaining.

Next I made Bacon Onion Cheddar Biscuits from the browneyedbaker blog. Oh boy, were these ever tasty too!  I had a little issue though, but it turned out alright in the end.  I cooked the bacon in the microwave, browned my red onion in the pan, assembled the biscuits in the muffin tin..and then realized I'd forgotten to add the onions into the mix.  Oopsie!!  So I just sprinkled them on the top of each biscuit.  They still turned out delicious!

And finally I made Black & White Cupcakes with chocolate butter cream from Ryan's baking blog.  Delicious!!  The cupcakes were very light and moist and the icing was great!  I've never been the best at making icing, but this butter cream was easy, delicious and not too sweet.  A great combination!
Actually, I'm glad they turned out so well in the end!  I was multitasking in the kitchen and it wasn't a pretty sight that day!  Preparing cupcakes, laptop on kitchen counter skyping fiancé overseas, running around like a mad woman that next thing I knew a plastic container went flying and there was about a cup of cornstarch all over the kitchen floor!  Ugh, just what you need when you`re in a hurry!

Everything turned out great in the end.  My friend had a successful bbq and we enjoyed fabulous food all around in the company of great friends! :-)

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm addicted!!

I'm thinking I need help!  I have determined today that I am absolutely addicted to reading food blogs!!  I just can't seem to get enough.  I cannot even begin to count how many I have looked at today!!  I think I really miss cooking and checking out these wonderful blogs is really inspiring me to get my ass back in the kitchen and create some fabulous dishes.

Today I also discovered that foodbuzz is having a food blog competition and there are 1866 food blogging contestants!  Wow!  I can't wait to see how well they do in the coming weeks!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cowl neck sweater

Well, I haven't been very good at this blogging thing so far!  I was so excited when I first started and then discovered I lead a pretty quite life and had nothing to write about! LOL!  One past time I do enjoy though is my knitting.  Sometimes you'll see me at work knitting with Deniz at lunch time, or otherwise I enjoy knitting while watching tv.  I've finished some very nice objects for myself and others over the years and my latest project is the Lace Cowl Neck Pullover by Amanda Reed of Delicious Stitches.  I love it and have worn it to the office twice now have received so many wonderful comments!!

Other than it being a horrible hair day, I felt fabulous in my new top!!  Thanks Amanda for a great design! :-)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Furry Family

Since I mentioned my "Furry Family"  in my "About Me", I thought I would show you my two main men (at least here in North America).

Here is my handsome Charlie.
 And here is the debonair Colby.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My blog begins!

Well, where do I begin?! After being a fan of so many awesome blogs, I’ve decided to start one myself! I’m not sure if I’ll be any good at it, but let’s see where this takes me. As I have so many varied interests, this blog will be more general and touch on many parts of my life. Just excuse me if I tend to ramble on at times. :-)