Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I love baking!

So as you guys know, my fiancé is visiting me from England at the moment...and he has a huge sweet tooth! I absolutely love baking, but living on my own right now I don't dare bake as I would want to eat it all up!  How wonderful then to have Chris here (I think I had recipe books open for days before he arrived!!)
The first thing I decided to make was pumpkin scones.  I follow many different cooking blogs and all of them seem to have pumpkin recipes galore these of course I was totally craving pumpkin!
I've been wanting to make scones in general for years (just like my mum!) and found a few great recipes, but just never got around to making any.  OMG! They are soooooo easy!  I will totally be making them again soon..not too soon though Agnieszka! ;-)  These pumpkin scones were so easy and absolutely delicious!  I found this recipe at browneyedbaker.  I've only had a chance to do one of her recipes before (bacon onion cheddar biscuits), but her recipes are always well written and always appear completely delicious...drool!!!
I enjoyed every last bite!!  Luckily I've got a few left...guess what I'm having for breakfast in the morning!!?? *smile*

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  1. You're making me soooo jealous... are you going to bring some in Thursday evening? :-)