Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cake pops!

Now that I've finally done the big move to England (from Canada) and can decompress and relax, it's time to catch up on my blog!  I've had many opportunities to cook and bake and now to share these wonderful treats with you!
Before I left Montreal I planned a final party at the house for some of my friends. What a perfect opportunity to get creative in the kitchen! :-)  I'd seen the Bakerella webpage many times and was in awe of this woman's creativity!  And then I saw her Smiley Face Cake Pops and I knew I had to attempt making them!  I started these with Chris when he was still in town visiting.  We prepared the cake mix, crumbled it and rolled about 50 little cake balls.  We then had trouble with the candy coating I'd bought.  The food colouring didn't seem to mix well with the vanilla wafers and it dried very lumpy...not to mention I think I cooked it in the microwave while trying to melt more.  We only did about a half dozen to test them out..and ate them all!  They didn't look pretty, but still tasted great.  I kept the remaining chocolate balls in the freezer until my mum arrived the following week because she was bringing me large bags of proper yellow candy coating! Thanks Mum!  We busied ourselves melting the wafers and dipping all the remaining balls.

I don't know how Bakerella got her coating to be so smooth!?  This recipe was much more challening than I thought it would be.  Also, the edible markers I bought to draw my smiley faces with didn't seem to write well.  We managed a couple and then just gave up.  Then I couldn't find a piece of styrofoam to display the pops, so we found a vase to display them perfectly.  In the end they were a huge hit at the party and I got rave reviews from everyone who tried them!

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