Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Peanut butter cookies

When you think of classic comfort cookies, peanut butter cookies are ones that often pop up in peoples minds I'm sure.  That's exactly what I needed after moving to the England.  Although I was super thrilled to finally be living with my sweetheart, baking is such a comfort for me and I was eager to bake something in the kitchen shortly after I arrived.  Of course when I arrived it was to a house full of guests...Chris's former police colleaugues from his UN mission in Kosovo and we had a fabulous time with them, but when they left several days later, off to the grocery store we went and then home to bake cookies!

This particular recipe I found from Brown Eyed Baker.  I regularly follow her site and I think I've done several of her recipes already for this blog.  Her recipes are always fantastic and super easy to follow...not to mention always delicious!

This recipe is called Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies and unfortunately I had to make one big change to the recipe..I omitted the Hershey kisses.  Not because I wanted to though, but because Hershey kisses are impossible to find here in England.  I did read an article the other day though that apparently said Hershey kisses may be available at ASDA starting next year.  We shall see.  Honestly, I find the chocolate available here far superior from anything I found in North America..but I still love the shape of kisses!  And they would have been perfect for these cookies!

Of course I mixed up the ingredients first.  I never realized how much I loved having small kitchen appliances such as my hand mixer, until I didn't.  Damn....I already have a tender elbow from pushing myself to hard during my move...but man, I think I made it worse while trying to cream butter and sugar together.  I managed in the end though.
After the batter was mixed, I then had to form it all into little balls and roll them in sugar.

Once they were all rolled and sugared..ready for the oven.
I was quite pleased with this recipe, although mine came out very crispy and flaky.  You would take a nibble and they would almost break apart on you.  That wasn't a problem though because they were still a wicked and treat and absolutely yummy with a cup of tea!
Thanks Brown Eyed Baker once again!


  1. Oh my, I wish I was there to eat some of these - they sound and look so good!
    Hmm... So you need some Hershey's, do you? Would they nab those at customs if I mailed 'em?

  2. I couldn't find them anywhere! I'm not sure if they'd be nabbed or not...people send chocolate as gifts all the time, right? I've seen so many recipes calling for all the different types of kisses (regular, caramel, peppermint)..and I sigh...oh well. They should be coming here next year, but this woman from the Guardian doesn't seem too impressed.

    And I would happily share all my baking with you!! xox