Friday, December 17, 2010

Thai red curry chicken with coconut rice

So I am still catching up on posting the items Chris and I prepared together during his visit.  This particular dish was our most favourite to cook together and we would make it each and every time he was in Montreal.  It really is the best red curry recipe I have ever tried..not that I've tried all that many, but it is super flavourful!   We would also prepare the coconut rice along with it..just another boost of flavour to the dish.
The only bit of the recipe I changed was by adding some bell peppers to the dish, which it didn't call for.  A good addition I think though.  I wish I could post the recipes for these, but all my cook books are packed up in some box at the moment somewhere traversing the Atlantic.  However, here is a photo of the cover, which I remembered to take when we prepared this.  If you ever come across this it!  It's fantastic!!

I can't wait to make this again once my books all arrive!  The trick will be trying to find some of the ingredients here though.  Hhmmm, I see a trip into London in my future!

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