Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I got a wonderful surprise today!  My honey sent me flowers for Valentine's Day!  Unfortunately I happened to be just hopping out of the shower when the delivery man rang the bell!  I quickly threw on my robe, towel on my head, charged down the stairs and ....ACK! someone's at the door!  We both laughed our heads off at how embarrassed I was, but then I got these!!

I just LOVE flowers!!


  1. Sooo gorgeous! Er, shall I admit what I failed to do? I've still got those certificates of yours to send you - and I meant to send them with some...
    popcorn! I still might do this :-)
    Maybe for St Patrick's Day?

  2. No rush on those certificates. I can't really see myself needing them at the moment. But POPCORN!!! I sooo miss Kernals popcorn! I've told Chris I should have stuffed myself silly with it before I left!