Saturday, July 30, 2011

Snuggly all in one

Boy has it been a long time since my last post!  I really enjoyed posting about all the food I'd been cooking, but with my weight creeping up and with getting married in less than three months, I decided it was time to majorly stick to my diet!!  I've been doing pretty good the past couple of weeks (I received my dress and reality hit!) and one great thing I've found is a great distraction from eating is picking up knitting again.  Early this year I'd started making a baby sleeper outfit for my future sister-in-law who was due in April.  I eagerly started, lost interest quickly and then it felt like a chore when I did pick it up once a month or so.  Meanwhile, the baby was born, she is beautiful and I wasn't any closer to finishing the darn thing!  I'd always enjoyed knitting before..what was the matter with me?  Why wasn't I enjoying it?  New environment?  Missing my bestest knitting buddy?  (I miss you D)  So finally I said to myself..enough is enough!  I picked it up again, got on a role, finished it off in just a few days and voila!  It is super cute and adorable!!
Luckily I thought ahead though and made the 6 - 12 month size, so when I mail it off next week it should fit her well, or at least it will in a couple of months and keep her warm on a chilly English evening.
I really hope she likes it and I can't wait to see a photo of her in it!

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  1. I miss you too! It's not as much fun knitting without someone to share it all with.
    Love the outfit, it's adorable! Congratulations on the knitting *and* the sewing!