Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another Finished Object

So I recently finished another knitting project.  With hubby working overseas for several months it gave me a chance to catch up on all my knitting!  The latest one is the little lacy top in merino/cashmere.  Would you believe I started this over a year ago!  I originally started this when we were living back in Essex and was so excited at first..and then I made the mistake of putting it aside.  Oh how you lose interest fast!  Of course I started other projects, got myself completely sidetracked and finally I thought enough is more new projects until I get this thing out of the way!

Didn't it turn out lovely?  I am really pleased with how it turned out and am so glad I finally got around to finishing it.  That said, I wore it once and the neck stretched out quite a bit..perhaps I bound it off too loosely.  So I need to figure out someway to fix that without unbinding it and casting off again, but there should be an easy way to do it.

I'm still super pleased with the result and definitely think I'll make this again soon.  I have some lovely silky bamboo yarn that I think would make the lace pattern drape beautifully!

If you're interested, I found this pattern through the Lana Kn website....or otherwise look for it on Ravelry.

Happy knitting!

(now to tackle all my other half finished projects!)

1 comment:

  1. Looks lovely, Helen! I wonder if you could thread a ribbon through the collar stitches or something?

    Love that pattern on the bottom half!